5 Creative Ways to Make Your Day Better

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Day Better

You ever have those days where it feels like everything is against you? Maybe you got in an argument with your partner, or you missed your train, or you spilled coffee all over your white shirt.

Guess what? That doesn’t need to ruin your day.

If you really think about it, those things don’t really last more than a few minutes, right? That’s such a small percentage of the day. Say that one of the aforementioned things took five minutes.

The percentage of that would be…..well, I don’t know. I can’t do math very well. But it’s a tiny percentage, I promise.

So how do we make our day better? Here are my hacks.

  1. Spend an hour being lazy. Explore Facebook, watch some trash TV (Dr. Phil is my favorite!), and indulge on some junk food. But just for an hour!

  2. After that hour, do something productive. Do some laundry, tackle that homework assignment, walk your dog. Just something small and manageable.

  3. Talk to someone. Call your mom. Your friend. Your therapist. Someone steady in your life that you know would never judge you. Make sure you check with them first before you vent- they might be having a bad day as well and might not be ready to talk.

  4. Take a shower or bath. Use the fancy soap. Wash your face. Eat an orange in the shower! Trust me, it works for some reason.

  5. Don’t forget to eat! My favorite when I’m feeling crappy is fruit. Grapes, an apple, a tangerine- there’s nothing like a good piece of fruit to make you feel better.

After you do all these things, take a moment to reflect. The time you spent doing these things was a much higher percentage of your day than the bad part was. It’s amazing how that happens!

Make peace with your day. feel accomplished. You’re ok.


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